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Primary Mucosal Malignant Melanoma Appraisal of role of radiation therapy

Acta Oncologica , Volume 19 (3) – Jan 1, 1980


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Primary Mucosal Malignant Melanoma Appraisal of role of radiation therapy


Acta Radiologica Oncology 19 (1980) F a x . 3 FROM THE DEPARTMENT OF THERAPEUTIC RADIOLOGY (CHAIRMAN: JAMES J . FISCHER), YALE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT 06510, U.S.A. PRIMARY MUCOSAL MALIGNANT MELANOMA Appraisal of role of radiation therapy Y U N G H . SON Primary malignant melanoma rarely arises in the oropharyngeal, gastrointestinal or urogenital mucosa and even more rarely in the central nervous system. The prognosis of malignant melanoma of the skin is largely influenced by the histogenetic features, thickness, size ofthe lesion, degree of lymphocytic infiltration and lastly, type of surgery or adjuvant immunochemotherapy (GOLDSMITH COIL et 1970, SHAH & GOLDSMITH 1970, BLUMING COll. et 1972, RIPPEY 1973, HANSEN& MCCARTEN1974, MORTONetcoll. 1974, COHEN et coll. 1977, HOLMES et coll. 1977, EL-DOMEIRIcoll. 1978). et Meanwhile, malignant melanoma of the mucous membrane is generally regarded highly lethal irrespective of therapeutic modality due to its hitherto controversial histogenesis, potential multicentricity as well as capricious metastasizing capability and high local recurrence rate (STOUT & LATTES1957, DE LA PAVAet coll. 1963, RAVEN & DAWSON 1964, DESAI & CAVAUGH1966, STEARNS et coll. 1%6, COLLANTES coll. 1967, et PACK & OROPEZA 1967, PICCONE coll. 1970, et LAUFE & BERNSTEIN1971,
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