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Physical function and health-related quality-of-life in a population-based sample

The Aging Male , Volume 14 (2) – Jun 1, 2011


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Physical function and health-related quality-of-life in a population-based sample


Background . It is of interest to understand whether impaired physical function is associated with health-related quality-of-life (HRQOL). We examined upper and lower body physical function and its relationship with two domains of HRQOL among men. Methods . We conducted a population-based observational study of musculoskeletal health among Boston, MA residents, the Boston Area Community Health/Bone Survey. Participants were 1219 randomly-selected Black, Hispanic, and White males (30––79 years). Upper body function was measured using hand grip strength, while lower body function was measured by combining a timed walk and a chair stand test. HRQOL was measured using the physical (PCS-12) and mental health (MCS-12) component scores of the SF-12. Multivariate linear regression models were used to estimate the association between poor function and HRQOL. Results . There was a significant association of poor upper body physical function with the MCS-12 (ββ coefficient: −−4.12, p == 0.003) but not the PCS-12 (ββ coefficient: 0.79, p == 0.30) compared to those without poor function. Those with poor lower body physical function had significantly lower PCS-12 scores (ββ: −−2.95, p == 0.007), compared to those without poor function, but an association was not observed for MCS-12 scores. Conclusions . Domains of physical function were not consistently related to domains of HRQOL.
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