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Paul Backer: in Memoriam


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Paul Backer: in Memoriam


Paul Backer In Memoriam Paul Backer died on 6 June 1995,67 years of age. A dear friend and a highly respected colleague is dead. We first became acquainted back in 1963. He will be remembered for his work and achievements for general practice as a discipline in its own right both in and outside Denmark. His work for the Scandinavian Journal o Primary f Health Care and for medical education can be particularly mentioned. In the 1950s and 1960s reform movements started in general practice independently in many countries around the world. This was especially caused by the shortcomings of cumcula at all medical schools. The students were not prepared for work in primary care. The teaching was dominated by rare diseases of bedridden hospital patients. General practice was of low esteem as a career, and the working conditions were unsatisfactory, though not as clearly in Denmark as in many other countries because of its patients on the list system. What was common for the reform movements was the recognition of the needs for adequate education of the key person of all health care systems: the generalist. In addition came the need for proper, feasible working conditions in
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