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Large Scale Separation of Porphyrin Pigments on Cellulose Powder Columns


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Large Scale Separation of Porphyrin Pigments on Cellulose Powder Columns


I A K G E SCALE SEI’AKATION O F P O K P H Y K I N P I G h I E N T S O N CELLULOSE POWDER COLUMNS BY L. ERIKSEN I;rorri tlic University Institute of Plijsirdogy, Oslo Unizwsity, Oslo, N1ir;Lv.v (Received for priblicatioii August 25, 1956) 111 a previous paper (Erikscii. 1953) <i simple chromatographic method for the scpaI ation of porphyrin pigment: 3n papcr sheet.; ;Iccording to the number of acidic groups of thc pignicnts has been described. The mcthotl could not, howcvcr, be used for the separation of larger aiiiouiits of porphyrin5, and we h a w therefore tried to modify the mcthotl to a column method. I t was found that thc I’orphyrins could bc separated on cellulose powder columns in the same way as on paper ,hcets, thc r\f salues of the porphyrins corrcsponrling with the Rf values of the same poi phyrins in the paper sheet chromatography. EXPERIMENT 4, 1 The porphyrins used were uroporphprin I, coproporphyrin I11 and mesoporphyrin, bhich have bcen gencrously supplied by prof. Riniington as the methyl esters. The porphyrin esters were hydrolyscd in the usual way with 7 N HC1 for 32 hours,
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