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Intoxicated Across Europe: In Search of Meaning

Addiction Research & Theory , Volume 8 (3) – Jan 1, 2000


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Intoxicated Across Europe: In Search of Meaning


Addiction Research. 2wO. Vol. 8, No.3, pp. 233-242 8 U X M OPA (Ov- Reprints available direclly fmm the publish Photocopying permittedby license only PublishersAssociation)N.V. Published by license under the Hamood Academic Publishus imprint, part of llx Gordon and Breach Publishing Group. Prinled in Malaysia INTOXICATED ACROSS EUROPE: IN SEARCH OF MEANING DOUGLAS CAMERON~*, MARK THO MAS^, SARAH MADDEP, CHRISTINE THORN TON^, ANDERS BERG MARK^, HENK GARRETSENe and MANINA TERZIDOUf ‘Department of Psychiatry, University of Leicester; Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester LE2 7rX, U.K., bLeicester Community Drug and Alcohol Services, Paget House, Leicester, ‘Alcohol and Health Research Centre. Edinburgh, dDepartment of Social Work, University of Stockholm, eIVO (Addiction Research Institute). Rotterdam andfMenta1 Health Research Institute, University of Athens Strategies for prevention of alcohol problems have moved on from a preoccupation with quantities consumed per week or per annum. We are now also looking in more detail at the short-term effects of intoxication (“drunkenness”). Whilst it is relatively easy to compare rates of consumption across European countries, it is more difficult to compare rates of drunkenness because the words used to describe the state do not readily translate from one language to another, and may have very different cultural connotations.
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