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Five peaks


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Five peaks


ORIGINAL PAPER Five peaks Dedicated to Poul A. Pedersen (PAP) with kind regards Flemming Frølund Roskilde, Denmark Scand J Prim Health Care 2002;20 Suppl 1:19. ISSN 0284-602 0 Sometimes I put on my retrospectacles and muse a while on some important periods of Danish general practice. Very much happened during the last third of the twentieth century, and invariably I end with a certain picture before my inner eye, a picture of plains and valleys and mountains ; in a way both a picture and a graph. It then happens that I lean back and enjoy the scenery, in particular some magni cent mountain peaks. First, I see lowlands, then gradually hills and peaks appear. In the 1960s thoughtfu l people all over the world predicted the death of general practice in a not too distant future. They were, however, contradicted. Peak no. 1. Here and there some valian t people with motivation , vision, will and ability – notably in the UK, Holland, and Scandinavi a – formed enclaves of resistance to the doomsday gloom. They felt that a restoration of general practice was both necessary and possible. They demanded better education, relevant research and internationa l
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