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Facial Growth in Man, Studied with the AID of Metallic Implants

Acta Odontologica Scandinavica , Volume 13 (1) – Jan 1, 1955


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Facial Growth in Man, Studied with the AID of Metallic Implants


From: The Department of Orthodontics, The Royal Dental College. Copenhagen, Denni:irk FACIAL GROWTH IN MAN, STUDIED WITH THE AID OF METALLIC IMPLANTS' BY ARNE b O R K INTIlODUCTION The growth of the craniuui is highly differentiated. The brain a n d the visual organs for instance attain practically fully developed size before the age of puberty. By comparison, the growth of the facial structure is functionally more intimately related to t h e growth of the body structure as a whole a n d therefore continues to a considerable extent during adolescence. The midfacial structure and nasal cavity grow a t a rate which is coniiiiensurate with the need for increased oxygen requirement, whereas the jaws develop a t a comparatively high rate to keep up with the increase i n iiietabolisiii which continues up to adult age. Froiii a functional viewpoint the c r a n i d base forms the partition between the brain and the facial structure. Accordingly, t h e internal and external cranial base must develop at widely different rates in order to acconiniodate t h e different development of the brain a n d the facial structure. Expansion of the brain
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