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Electron Microscopical Observations on Hyper-Keratinization in Oral Mucosa

Acta Oto-Laryngologica , Volume 57 (S188) – Jan 1, 1964


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Electron Microscopical Observations on Hyper-Keratinization in Oral Mucosa


ELECTRON MICROSCOPICAL OBSERVATIONS ON HYPEIIKERATINIZATION IN ORAL MUCOSA B Y Lars Frithiof, Bengt Layerlof and Jan Wersall From the Electron Microscopy Laboratory King Gustav V Research Institute, The Otolaryngology Department, Karolinska Sjukhuset, the Department of Pathology, Karolinska Institutet and the Department of Special Surgery in the Royal School of Dentistry, Stockholm The epithelium in the oral mucosa can be devided into certain regions with regards to the stages of keratinization. Thus, the normal mucosa is not keratinized within the bottom of the oral cavity, in the vestibulum oris and on the lower side of the tongue, whereas an increasing degree of keratinization is found in the mucous membrane of the gingiva, on the upper surface of the tongue, and on the hard palate (Orban 1953, Weinman 1940). Epithelium which is normally not keratinized might produce keratin under effect of mechanical, chemical, thermal or galvanic stimuli. I n certain cases pathological keratinization is found without such evident causes of the changes. This hyperkeratinization or parakeratosis provides the common histopathological background to the clinical picture of leukoplakia. Although the word leukoplakia is hardly well defined clinically, the usual white spot in the mucous membrane described as a leukoplakia appears in
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