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Convergent Validity of the Communication Based Emotional Support Scale


This study examined the validity of Weber and Patterson's (1996) Communication Based Emotional Support Scale (CBESS). In addition to the CBESS, participants completed two of the four following scales: the Perceived Social Support - Friend Scale (PSS-Fr; Procidano & Heller, 1983), the friend subscale of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS; Zimet, Dahlem, Zimet, & Farley, 1988), the Social Support Behaviors Scale (SSB; Vaus, Riedel, & Stewart, 1987), and the friend subscale of the Scales of Perceived Social Support (Macdonald, 1998). Each of the four support scales were positively correlated with the CBESS, establishing the convergent validity of the instrument.
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