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Assessment of health-related quality of life in menopause and aging

Climacteric , Volume 11 (2) – Jan 1, 2001


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Quality of Life
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Assessment of health-related quality of life in menopause and aging


There is a great need for the accurate assessment of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in clinical practice, research, health interventions and health planning. The menopause transition and special issues influencing the health of women as they age can affect quality of life. The assessment of these effects requires a variety of validated instruments to capture their influence in a variety of populations and for a variety of outcomes. This review identifies the important measurement properties of HRQOL instruments, determinants of health status and the currently available measures of HRQOL. Specifically, the reliability, validity and applicability of HRQOL instruments designed for use at the climacteric are individually discussed. It is important to choose validated and appropriate instruments depending on the individual or population being assessed and the relevant HRQOL issues.
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