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Preventing Child Abuse: The Author Replies

Health Affairs , Volume 31 (4): 883 – Apr 1, 2012


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Preventing Child Abuse: The Author Replies


Preventing Child Abuse: The Author Replies var callbackToken='505593D867353B2'; At the intersection of health, health care, and policy. GO Advanced Search » Health Affairs Follow us RSS Feed Twitter Facebook Audio Email Text Home About Archive Topic Collection Blog Briefs Theme Issues Subscribe Alerts Manage My Account Preventing Child Abuse: The Author Replies Blair L. Sadler Institute for Healthcare Improvement La Jolla, California There is a limit of 300 words for letters to the editor. Health Affairs reserves the right to edit all letters for clarity, length, and tone. Letters can be submitted by e-mail, , or the Health Affairs website, . As a pediatrician, Carole Jenny has long been a nationally recognized leader in the field of child abuse. She knows firsthand the challenges that organizations face in dealing with the physical and sexual abuse of children and youth. Soon after my Narrative Matters essay appeared (Sep 2011), many people around the world became aware of the magnitude and seriousness of the problem as a result of the crisis at Pennsylvania State University. Many debated the need to balance the reputation of individuals in positions of authority with the rights of young people who can be
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