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The Journal of Nutrition , Volume 17 (5): 443 – Jan 1, 1939


American Society for Nutrition
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Experiment Station, Downloaded from by guest on January 18, 2011 (Received for publication January 11, 1939) 1935 Moore, Huffman Duncan ('35) summarized the previous literature reported on the results of ob servations of twenty-four cases of of a nutritional type associated with a constriction of the optic nerve. The authors were reluctant to state that this was due to vitam A deficiency because of the bone changes volved, lack of corneal volvement because no direct unimpeach able evidence was at h to support such a statement. It was poted out, however, that if vitam A deficiency was re sponsible for an creased tracranial pressure the bony malformations might then be accounted for. Evidence of creased tracranial pressure is to be reported this paper resulted from the suggestion received a paper reported by De Schweitz De Long ( '34) who observed papillary edema Guernsey associated with perivascular edema the bra tissue. They suggested that the type of was due to heritance. However, the evidence submitted this paper will show that a rela tionship exists between the condition reported by them by Moore, Huffman Duncan ('35). »Journal article 346 (n.a.) Michigan Agricultural Experiment Station. Prom a portion of a
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