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The Journal of Nutrition , Volume 21 (3): 291 – Jan 1, 1941


American Society for Nutrition
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V. THE EFFECT OF SUPPLEMENTARY AND OF CASEIN, LACTALBUMIN, FIBRIN, EDESTIN AND GELATIN IN HEMORAGIC DEGENERATN IN YOUNG RATS l Department of Blogical Chemistry, St. Louis Missouri THREE FIGURES university School of Medicine, Downloaded from by guest on January 18, 2011 (Received for publicatn Ocber 11, 1940) This investigatn is a ntinuatn of prevusly reported observatns of hemoragic degeneratn in young rats ( and Wade, '39, '40; , '40 a and '40 b) and is a study of the influence of methnine and of on the requirement of choline. The occurrence and severity of hemor agic degeneratn have been determined in rats fed twentyfive diets varying in protein ntent from 18 40%, in tal methnine from 0.4 1.2% and in tal from 0.05 1.2%. The proteins, casein, lactalbumin, fibrin, edestin and gelatin were used with and without supplements of methnine and . Variatns in the degree of choline deficiency were measured by the severity of the characteristic renal hemorage, by the increase in the weight of the kidneys and by the extent of depositn of fat in the liver. EXPERIMENTAL The experimental procedures and the nstituents of the diet were similar those prevusly described ( and Wade,
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