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Ueber den Moralischen Schwachsinn des Weibes, von Katinka von Rosen. 2 auflage, Halle, 1904, Carl Marhold

American Journal of Psychiatry , Volume 61 (2) – Oct 1, 1904


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Ueber den Moralischen Schwachsinn des Weibes, von Katinka von Rosen. 2 auflage, Halle, 1904, Carl Marhold


those who are familiar withneurology.writer’s first collection, it is needless to speak of the charm which Dr. Gowers gives to all of his writings. His happy faculty of describing unusual symptoms which most of us are too apt to dismiss as interesting, or inexplicable has given us two very interesting papers in this volume.Ueber Thisyear, ofdie FrageSCHULE.(Leipzig: S.Hirzel,igo.) a reprintbefore the pagesof a paperJahresversammlung and theat G#{246}ttingen, in Aprilder deutschen that Psychiater. he has explainsIt consiststwenty-sixthen beenin an addressproceeds insane, at to discuss somei888,society.paper, whoand havethe opinionsof thoselength. bequestion He doesof not the reachon thea positivebut makes a plea for further that uniform results mayquestion,of orderone.a formof questionsto be a mostin-R. D.from thePublications of Cornell University Department of Neurology, Vol.i,College.New YorkStudies City.This volume consists of clinical and pathological studies completed in the Department of Neurology during igo4, and here published for the first time, and of reprints of papers which have previously appeared in various medical journals. In the first group are seven papers by Drs. Charles L. Dana and J. Ramsay Hunt, and in the second twelve papers by the above and Drs. Joseph Fraenkel and T. W. Hastings. Lack of space forbids detailed mention
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