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Personal Accounts: Jack and the Clubhouse Road to Recovery

Psychiatric Services , Volume 60 (10): 1305 – Oct 1, 2009


Am Psychiatric Assoc
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Personal Accounts: Jack and the Clubhouse Road to Recovery


Back in 2001 I was a member of Quabbin House in Orange, Massachusetts, which I'd joined in 1992. We had just received the mail, which included newsletters from other clubhouses worldwide. Ever since I'd been a colleague in the Genesis Club's three-week training in 1993 in Worcester, Massachusetts, I would peruse these newsletters. I found the current issue of Genesis Alive and looked for familiar names and places. I scanned the back page, which listed employment opportunities. I discovered two transitional employment positions with UMass Medical School in collaboration with the International Center for Clubhouse Development (ICCD) at the Program for Clubhouse Research. I told the then-director of Quabbin House, "If I had a car, I would want that job!" What attracted me to such work? My steps to recovery from bipolar disorder can be retraced in terms of work. I started becoming career oriented in junior high school, when I chose to attend a vocational high school instead of traditional classes. I was not encouraged to think that college was in my future, and I wanted a marketable skill. While exploring six different shops in vocational high school, I finally chose computer processing as my career path.
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