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American Journal of Psychiatry , Volume 32 (3): 405 – Jan 1, 1876


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HOTCHKISS.Late MedicalWORKMAN, of the TorontoM. D. Asylum for the Insane.The Brockville, mother Leeds. rangements qune, undertake which earnestly due without prudence up at lheir tics and on under by theabove in June for thenamed Province last, he his some defense.was of at nor defense.tried Ontario, Seely’s hison for Bay,Nov. the in had piesiding the8th, murder the made1875, of County any presentat his of arGrotoNeither requestedfriends The of Deaconjudge, bar hismember,were accepted. as any lawyer with profound of of defective thewas prisonerHe endeavored, similarly called the could necessary of to the of of do, facts, the establish knowledgeas well and upon, without and medical the of the but judge, true plea prisoner whether or from possiblyjuris-acquaintance any him, time the own the of insanity, themental chargingunsoundness offense; the thecommitting knowledge jury The brought jury,characterisof guilty,of insanity, Decemberin a verdictsentenced to be30th.however,accom-panied their verdict with a recommendation the judge was obliged to report the case vincial General. unnaturally, jury, for when he killed and unnatural him. If on the Secretary, In if they his his for the report surprise believed consideration Judge at the the Groqune prisoner crime should of theto mercy, to the ProGovernor not of been the
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